They say the tools for communications are easily accessible. Does that make communications easier to practice?


Limits in time, resources and knowledge often bullies smaller organizations into costly and inefficient decisions.


Yet, falling behind in communications leaves many deserving projects at a competitive disadvantage. It harms fundraising, diminishes the effectiveness of programmes and injures the capacity to move forward in securing the changes you want to see happening.


Multitudes will lead and teach into understanding your communications as beautiful tools for development & change, helping you reach the goals you set for your organization.


 Our mission To walk with you through the process of understanding how to think out your communications, choose the good tools and learn how to use them efficiently.
 Our vision A world where managers, employees, partners & volunteers of small and medium-scale organizations are well equipped to deal with their communication needs.
Our values Education, curiosity, efficiency, senses and sensibilities, pride without prejudice, humanism, empathy, respect, equality, fairness, sustainability, inclusiveness and good manners.


Here below is a list of people and organizations we consider inspiring.


› We work with products made available by and through Joomla!, a leading, open-source content management system.

› We appreciate what the Panos Network does to improve access to quality information, and to make it available to some of the most marginalized people on Planet Earth.

› We salute the dynamism of the Laborie Development Foundation.

› We think the Antillean is the best public affairs media in the Caribbean.

There are more organizations, projects and good reads that we like.
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We work in English,
Spanish & French.

Our home base
is Buenos Aires.