Assessment & diagnostic You come to us with a situation you want to make better. We take a good, hard look at the situation and come back to you with a road-map to success.
Communication strategies We tailor efficient, down-to-earth roadmaps you can implement painlessly.
 Websites With your active participation, we think, design and deliver your website.
 Webtools, groupwares, emails, etc. From wikis to documents-sharing platforms, webtools are a whole lot of solutions that help you improve your efficiency.


Assessment & diagnostic We offer a specialist's perspective to the larger issues you have with communications.
Communication strategies It usually starts here: a good match plan. We will help you identify your goals & targets, how to get there and how to quantify your success.
 Visibility campaigns, PR & publicity We will elaborate solid means for you to grab the attention of your audience.
 Graphic design, print material We fancy ourselves as having a good eye for crafting well made, attractive material to colour your credibility.


 Websites + webtools use & management The proper management of the tools you use.
 The use & misuse of social medium There are so many networks out there. How can one start to deal efficiently with them?
Perception, press & public relations The management of perceptions through the press and medias is a highly rewarding path to follow.
Internal / external communications strategies How to allow communications to flow, as much between you and the outside world as within your organization? structural solutions and good practices help.
The place of communications within your organization What is the place of communications within the structure of your organization? How to make sure all your players are "on message"? How to preserve institutional knowledge & expertise? An extended training dedicated exclusively to the challenges of internal communications.
On-demand We can suggest trainings on a range of themes, from the theoretical to the most technical.


We think we are pretty good behind a camera.

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In times of CRISIS, it is good to have friends. Someone ran away with the master codes to your Website? You've been hacked? PR disaster to spin? Call us: we'll be your friends.


We work in English,
Spanish & French.

Our home base
is Buenos Aires.